Company Profile
Started in 1984, Action Marketing LLC strives to be one of the top sales agencies in the Pacific Northwest. Our service area includes Washington, Oregon, Northern Idaho, Alaska and Hawaii. We field 5 salesmen and are actively involved with customers in all segments of Automotive and Industrial Distribution. Automotive Distributors, Heavy Duty Distributors, PBE Distributors, Industrial Distributors, Retailers and Feeders all receive regular visits from the Action Marketing team. From that base we dedicate a portion of our time to product pull-through with key people specializing in jobber/distributor sales, service/training, industrial facility calls and installer fieldwork.
George Patterson, President: George owns the company and manages the Corporate and Oregon offices. He also travels the Alaska territory.

Tammie Geibel, Bookkeeper: Tammie manages the bookkeeping areas, customer computer records, volumes, commissions and payroll.

Eric Adamson, Vice President & Manager: Washington Territory

Ken Richardson , Washington Territory

Keith Terashima, Manager: Hawaiian Territory

Cayce Pitts, Salesman: Oregon Territory
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